Liverpool, Music City?

Bido Lito! Magazine and LJMU are pleased to present a major new piece of research… Liverpool, Music City? Challenges, reflections and solutions from the Liverpool Music Community.

Developed throughout 2017, the project is intended to present fundamental and incisive questions to Liverpool’s music community, paving the way for a new form of sector-led leadership around music policy in the city. This piece of work is the first step, providing the Liverpool music sector with a platform to discuss the challenges and opportunities it faces as we move into 2018. This project is not intended to provide a master plan or a road map for the future. It is here to demonstrate the music sector’s ability to galvanise, our appetite for a collective solution and a desire to work in a new dynamic partnership.

We believe that Liverpool can forge a new future by understanding, prioritising, supporting and galvanising its music sector. But, the music community needs to be at the heart of the process. The top down approach has failed. A new era of collaboration between the city, city-region, universities and the music community – from the grassroots DIY venue to the international artist manager – is needed.

‘Liverpool, Music City?’ is a project designed to listen. It is here to give a platform to the voices, ideas, opinions, observations and experiences of the people who understand Liverpool’s music sector better than anyone; the music community itself.

You can read the report in full below:



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A physical copy of the report is available in this month’s December 2017/January 2018 double edition of Bido Lito! Magazine, which is out now.