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Angie Woolfall is a Liverpool-born writer and member of the Poised Pen Writers Group whose work has been published in Writing on The Wall’s Write Minds anthology. Examining a bus journey as a microcosm of Liverpool, Travelling Light is a celebration of community, solidarity and hope.

Travelling light

The collective consciousness rolls by on its wheels

Inhabitants talking or eating their meals

Students, locals and classic bohemia

Gazing from windows

Scrolling through media

Workers and carers

Mothers and lovers

Sharing the journey

Looking out for each other

Giving up seats

Picking up toys

Precious belongings of the girls and the boys

A dog climbs aboard

We smile as a whole

The unspoken contract

With love as its goal

Smile and be smiled at

That’s how we fly

Accept that some won’t

But don’t assume why

Made harsh by life’s sharpness

They have to save face

But given the chance

Most have good grace

The kind and brave pool where solidarity wins

And hate is for losers and fascists get binned

A city built by migrants

We pick people up

No tolerance for arrogance

We’ll fill up your cup

With smiles or with ale

Kindness and change

The weird and the wonderful

The bold and the strange

As we get off the bus

‘Can I squeeze past you there’

A community condensed

A collective of care.

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