The Hot Pink! playlist rounds up the jams from local artists that are piquing our collective tympanic membranes each month. Here’s a compilation of recent tracks from indie poppers, hip hoppers, chamber rockers and a myriad of others styles to get in your ear buds.

Beija Flo
Heads or Tails
BEIJA FLO’s assortment of scathing punk and infectious storytelling brings a flurry of thumping adrenaline in Heads or Tails. In a natural extension of the polymath’s ability to marry activism-infused narratives with daring performance, the short but sweet track promises belligerent basslines, rewarding hooks and trademark satirical vocals in a manifesto of cool-headed empowerment. MB

J. Madden
Only Going For Peace Of Mind
There’s an unmistakable Jarvis Cocker-esque lilt to the Seatbelts frontman’s brogue in the latest single from his superb solo output. “I’m not going to lose it this time” Madden coos over bright piano keys before reminding himself to “take each day with gritted teeth” in what is a solid ballad of mental health advice as well as an irresistible pop tune. STu

Broken Homes
Sharp witted drill dabbler P3lz is the prolific upcoming young rapper and her recent release is a deep reflection of life experiences. A confessional narrative condensed into bars that sit within the thumping bass notes of trap drums and assert that she’s truly wise beyond her years. IF

The Let Go
In Woke, The Let Go gives a window into the ups and downs of infatuation. Melding retro production, angsty guitars, and breezy hip hop beats, the duo remain candid about their latest romantic obsession throughout, contrasting their romantic conquests with details of their daily routines and wider universal ponderings. It’s an offering reminiscent of being at a 2000s style slumber party, containing all the excitement and gossip that came with attendance. LBE

Natalie McCool
Natalie McCool lends a helping hand to the listener in her latest breezy pop offering, Devils. The singer’s inviting vocals spearhead the track, proclaiming messages of benevolence, optimism and celebratory self-acceptance above shimmery synth-arpeggios and irresistible dance patterns. A track that gives you a pat on the back while also getting your feet moving. LBE

Strawberry Guy
Sun Outside My Window
Having built up an international Gen-Z coterie around elongated dreamscape ripples in Without You, Mrs Magic and F Song, Alex Stephens’ introspective lyricism with aesthetic visuals to match grace our longing ears again on Sun Outside My Window. With Latin percussion undertones, ascending arpeggios and romantic strings, the first cut from the Strawb’s upcoming album of the same name is a fitting entry for new label heads Melodic Records. MB

Like A Child
Once more proving himself as one of the city’s songwriting leading lights, ASTLES has somehow conjured up a tune that would fit comfortably both on a Broadway stage and in a subterranean Greenwich village folk club. Not dissimilar to the emotive stylings of Eggy Records labelmate Beija Flo, Like A Child’s plaintive delivery, resplendent Bill Ryder-Jones-directed strings and marching band drums swell to a satisfyingly buoyant denouement to leave you dizzy. STu


Words: Matthew Berks, Sam Turner, Iona Fazer, Lily Blakeney-Edwards, David Roskin, Sarah Taylor, Sanna King.

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