Swirls of psychedelia, RnB, pop, electronica and punk provide a frenzied distillation of the best new sounds being concocted across Merseyside. Hot szn is here. Dig in.

The Garden Birds of India
Inspired by a book of the same title sourced from a bric-a-brac and antique shop in Liverpool (certain to be wonderful Renshaw St establishment 69A), SUNZOOM offer up a sliver of sun-baked psychedelia. A woozy ode to the ornithology featured in the book and some species invented by the band, The Garden Birds of India evokes Super Furry Animals and Odelay-era Beck. Released through cult label Colorama Records, owned and operated by psych indie notables The Moons. RL

Cola Museum
Back Around
God only knows we’re in desperate need of an auditory elixir to uplift our sore souls, and COLA MUSEUMS’ Back Around is just the fix we’ve been craving. Featuring signature flows from BLUE SAINT and DAYZY, this track finds a natural home in blending soulful RnB with overdriven guitars and glittering pulses of synth where it ascends into a feel-good, almost psychedelic buffet to see you on your journey of self-discovery. MB

Katy Alex
Sucker For Love
Pop music innovator KATY ALEX breathes new life into the genre with her edgy take on a classic pop sound. The Liverpool singer has already made waves with her previous releases, establishing herself as one of the most exciting upcoming young pop artists in the city. Taken from her debut EP, her latest release features a playful, beat-hopping bassline, complimented by colourful use of electronic drums and heavy synths. A memorable chorus with strong vocal hooks which will have you a sucker for this track again and again… and again. JC

Broken Down Golf Cart
In Centre Fold
BROKEN DOWN GOLF CART have a knack for producing haunting tracks that captivate from the offset. Operating under the cocktail-inspired moniker, Canadian Jen Baranick is providing a quirky slice of goodness to the indie-rock genre with her lush vocal performances and exuberant electric guitar slides. With sultry bass drops and almost-hidden backing screams and cackles, the track is accompanied by a self-produced horror-inspired music video that is a cinematic feat of its own accord. AW

Andrew Neal
Paint the Dark
Formerly of indie-rock notables The Stamp, Paint the Dark sees singer-songwriter ANDREW NEAL change gear to focus on Americana for his new output. An energetic, country-infused hoedown, the cut doffs its cap (or should that be Stetson?) to The Band and Gram Parsons with maybe a smidgen of Gerry Cinnamon’s storytelling thrown in. RL

Boom Dice x Sola
Pop powerhouse SOLA is back with a collaboration with the enigmatic Boom Dice. With Raspy and sultry vocals aplenty, along with a pummelling bassline and electronic backing, Embers could make Billie Eilish blush. Backed by insistent percussion, the instrumentation allows Sola’s vocals to shine through and display the prowess she possesses as a performer. The track offers a delightful insight into what’s yet to come from Sola, and we can’t wait. AW

Louie Miles
Another Blue
Its creator describes the suitably reverie-like Another Blue as being about “how you can become unknowingly addicted to your imagination, and the warmth and feeling it can produce”. A mosaic of medicated sounding guitars and wispy vocal melodies, the newest offering from the alt-pop auteur brings groundbreaking 80s textualists The Blue Nile to mind. RL

Tell Me What The Ancient Astronaut Theorists Believe
One of the best live bands on the Liverpool circuit at present, psych punks YAMMERER blast back with the bracing rush of Tell Me What The Ancient Astronaut Theorists Believe. Led by frontman Jason Corbett’s sung-spoken narrative of a character called Jon Vertigo, the scene begins in Panama with a ceiling fan rotating above his bed, conjuring up images of Apocalypse Now. An excellent new addition to the quintet’s stockpile of spiky missives. RL

Loris and the Lion
Eat Me Alice
A subtle yet elusive questioning of gender identity, which takes the age-old tale of Alice in Wonderland to new narrative heights. Framed by ethereal vocal tones, the lyrical depth of Eat Me Alice is unmissable. A gentle and tasteful musical probing about concepts of not fitting in, finding yourself lost and attempting to reshape your own identity, in line with the presets and expectations of our current society and culture. JC

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