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This month’s creative writing comes from Starkey the Messenger, whose crusading poem champions the right to protest amid the creeping retreat of individual liberties.


I’d risk everything for my freedom,

because the people that are

supposed to be protecting me

would risk my freedom to

protect their supremacy.


how many pence do we

spend on defence

for the sake of


how many pens do they

build to cage our

citizens in the name of


but couldn’t

risk a single

penny, couldn’t

write a single cheque

to save our future.


as i grow i’m learning that

in this world i’m equally

inevitable and inessential

but risk has

never been equitable.

freedom, protest and community

growth, progress and unity

have aged with history

like a timeless oak tree, and

the state wish to

rip its roots under

these sinister pretences and

national falsehoods…

but still we

spite our lives to

bite our tongue and

scream deafening silences to

cut our voices short of

calling them terrorists.


our freedom as we know it,

burning under our feet

as we’re rendered breathless by this

asphyxiating paradox of risk, and

still people risk everything to

jump from the

bleak cliffs of their fiction,

six feet deep into the

dark waters underneath,

sixfold over a thousand weeks

they’ve steepened…

so once more i pray

for my freedom to

gods i don’t believe in,

cause how else can i

find faith in a

world so fake?


a riot is a mindset.

because peace is a goal our

society can’t seem to

find yet.

good and evil,

love and war,

joy and sorrow,

peace and violence

will all tug relentlessly at each other


until something gives

in the equilibrium of risk,

but what will we risk,

what will we

sacrifice to

save ourselves,

or when will we

have the guts to

sacrifice ourselves to

save what’s left.

a riot is a mindset.

because peace is a goal

we can’t rely on

anyone else to find but


so i used to be

afraid of revolution,

but now I realise

it only means

risking everything

for a solution.

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