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This month’s selection of creative writing comes from Felix Mufti-Wright, a poem inspired by a youth playing The Sims and finding a simulated love in the grim reaper.

i married the grim reaper

as the raindrops coat r skin,
we walk through 2 the scene of the sin,
the tree tops block r vision from things we don’t want 2 see,
u tell me u have friends in high places,
theres so many things we could see.

the branches of the trees kiss the surface of my face,
as my little legs struggle to keep up with ur 6 foot 2 pace,
dont know if its u or the cold air thats making my heart race.
the clouds start to clear as the sun goes down,
u ask me what i wanna be doing when the night comes around.
i say ‘i really miss the stars,’
u say u know a place we can see some.

u grab my hand even tho my fingers r numb,
we set up a blanket in a clearing in the trees,
can hear ur heart beats symphony mingling with the breeze,
u light up a spliff,
i say ‘save us ends please?’

not sure if i see smoke or warm breath in the cold air,
not sure how comfy i am laying against ur shoulder.
i dont think we’ll know eachother when we’re older.
we try to make a fire but all we get is a smoulder.

if i tell u how i feel in a forest and no one is around to hear it,
did it ever really happen?
doesn’t feel like this should be happening.
is this really happening?
but u do look so cute when the moonbeams hit your face,
as u whisper in my ear that it was so nice to get away.
it feels nice to get out the city,
im still scared of the quiet
but know u’d never let anyone hurt me.

u pull out ur blade
and ur flask thats filled with whiskey.

i dont know how to say with my mouth that i want u to hold it to my neck
scar me in a way ill never be able to forget

i say i love it when u chat shit
and carry on like its philosophic.
u say u love it when its toxic,
when we’re poisoning each other from the inside out

is this what that’s about
u take my tongue right out my mouth
cant say anything
can just taste the drought

ive channeled my destruction
in2 ur finger tips
let it release more from my body
than i let pass my lips

i try and take ur hood down
u shrug it back up
u dont wanna look in my eyes
u heard it makes u fall in love

the way u think hurts me head
makes me wonder where to tread
say u only come to people who think of death
want them to say ur name with their last breathe

askin me if im ready 2 transcend
askin me if im ready for my beauty 2 be ethereal,
telling me i knew my fate when i picked him as my boyfriend,
telling me i couldnt get this comfort from anything material

ur in my bloodstream,
not just on my skin,
the connection we have cuts deeper,
thats what i get for falling in love with the grim reaper

Felix Mufti-Wright / @felixmufti

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