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A refreshing April shower of top-notch tunes come courtesy of our Hot Pink playlist this month. As ever, Merseyside artists are at the top of their game as we’re treated to a selection of bedroom pop, softly spun indie and bookworm grooves to help us bust out of lockdown into the live rooms and club nights of tomorrow.


Riding the clouds after her hypnotic release Dreamworld last year, homegrown bedroom pop artist SEAGOTH unveils another generous synthscape offering in Eternity. An altitudinal three-minute delight of trippy, rhythmic percussion and a wide-open final third that sets everything right with the world – and then some. (MB)

The Coral
Lover Undiscovered

Making a career of bringing Haight-Ashbury to Wirral track-by-track has served THE CORAL well and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be fixing any unbroken methods on their forthcoming LP, Coral Island. Lover Undiscovered treads familiar but not unpleasant territory with some trademark James Skelly turns of phrase and timeless melodies that would find their way onto radio airwaves in any year since 1965. (ST)

Peach O.K.

BORTH knows how to write a pop tune. This track opens his EP Nettle Soup and it’s a sign of the bizarro world therein. A melting pot of odd sounds, polyrhythms and slacker sentiment, Peach O.K. is as disorientating as it is endearing. There’s enough familiar melody to keep you grounded, while the mad sonic tangents give licence for repeated listens. (ST)

The Let Go

THE LET GO take a cruise through San Junipero, emotional conflict and all. Blushing guitar chords, homespun trap hi-hats and bittersweet synth motifs provide the soundtrack as a lonesome heart narrates a night, a morning and a walk home that keeps reoccurring. It sings insecurities into the sky and responds with celestial vocal support at the chorus. (SL)


We’d be lying if we said we haven’t been itching to hear back from SPINN, but the mischievous four are more than happy to remind us that good things do come to those who wait with their first release of 2021. Joining forces with Christie Simpson from Yumi Zouma, the lyrics’ playful take on modern romantic expectations and embracing our imperfections is just what the doctor ordered after a miserable old year. Welcome back. (MB)


SEATBELTS’ latest offering, Citylines, evokes the feeling of a road trip. Maybe it’s the atmospheric guitar licks, the descriptions of stripped-back cities sung in James Madden’s gravelly vocals, or the dotted synth elements that motor the track along. Either way, it is a welcome tonic for lockdown life. (LBE)

The Beachgoer

To say YAMMERER’s The Beachgoer marks a new path for the band is an understatement. Listening, we find ourselves in the middle of the group’s surrealist soundscape, that rattles through an array of emotions aided by angular guitars and unhinged vocals. It’s unexpected and turbulent but relentlessly exciting; we can only hope the group continue their experimentalist endeavours. (LBE)

car freshener aftershave

Nothing dampens PIZZAGIRL. Synths pump an eight-bit backdrop as he eclipses the embarrassment of a thorny encounter with an ex. He parties on with the late-night slummy of 40 per cent bottles and cold ready meals, still puckish and pert; he slips across from sending up the celloholic ex to cadging his rent from another. It’s a brilliantly manic lap around a Mario Kart map designed by a mind who finds glamour in the gutters. (SL)


It’s difficult not to raise a smile to PAZ’s track. The synthy groove of Ghost sets nonsensical rhymes and poppy hooks over 90s gamer effects and laidback beats. It’s mellow, cheeky and almost as much fun as hours on the SNES. (ST)
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Words: Matthew Berks, Sam Turner, Sam Lasley, Lily Blakeney-Edwards.

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