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This month’s selection of creative writing comes from JARG editors Madelaine Kinsella and Matthew Thomas Smith. Initially launched in 2013, JARG is a poetry zine offering an alternative to the standard poetry canon; JARG is a loose cannon, as the writers put it themselves. The third issue of JARG is due this year with submissions open mid-2021. Ahead of the relaunch, both Madelaine and Matthew share a collaborative poem as a reintroduction to the zine, along with a selection of their own work.



Poetry for all.
Succinct as soundbites.
Yeah that’s sound that poetry.
Can you hear the sound.
The speed of it poetry.
Like flowers through the cracks.
In the pavement poetry.
Oppose the cutting of flowers poetry.
You can’t stop the spring poetry.
There are poets in Norris Green.
There are poets in Bootle.
All I have is a voice poetry.
Kick off poetry. Don’t start poetry.
The person on the street will read poetry.
The person on the street will write poetry.
The person on the street will read and write poetry.
A jaywalking ballerina. Stylish rebellion.
Clobber and rig out poetry.
Movement poetry. Position poetry.
Suppose purpose poetry.
Power to the people poetry.
Poetry to the people poetry.
Concrete and grass. Harmony of sorts.
A new progressive curriculum poetry.
The mundane, perhaps, never the same poetry.
It doesn’t rhyme. It sort of rhymes. It rhymes.
Free. Freer. Freeing. Freedom poetry.
Free poetry. Free in access. Free in address.
In accents. In accepts. In excepts poetry.
For people that don’t get poetry.
There’s nothing to catch.
There’s no catch. Catchless poetry.
Catchy poetry. Poetry and other songs.
A place for us poetry.
Wandering, sometimes lonely.
Sometimes cloud like poetry.
An empty canon. A loose canon.
Not really into that poetry.
Imposter poetry. Improper poetry.
Proper boss poetry. Just poetry.
Jarg poetry.

Madelaine Kinsella & Matthew Thomas Smith



Three o’clock back gate.
It predates iPhones, bitchiness.
By-product of puberty.
What she said to her
about her fella
on MSN.

The girls ripping hair follicles
from each other pores.
Hair extensions
in clumps
the crowd
blood thirst
flip phones
popped lip
broken eye socket
in the name of being children
fighting into womanhood.

Madelaine Kinsella / @Madskinsella


Daytime television 

somewhere rural
a roomful
of people
stand up
start clapping
and cheering
an affluent
couple in
blue fleeces
for buying
an ornament
for cheap
and selling
it on
for lots

Matthew Thomas Smith / @MTSmith89



Submissions for the third edition of JARG will be open from mid-2021. See social handles for contact and further information.

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