Photography: Kirsten Roberts / @krobber

You’re about to head into a haunted house with nothing but a torch. Who are you taking with you?
In the absence of the big fella, Derek Acorah (RIP) – who’s the only logical choice under these circumstances – I would be taking Yvette Fielding with me. ‘First Lady of the paranormal’ apparently (her words) so I’d like to think as I was in the presence of spirit world royalty, I would be well covered should any ghosts fancy a scrap.

Do you have an all-time favourite scary film?
The short answer here is no. We’re big into horror films in our band though and I could ramble on for a good few paragraphs on this subject. Some of my favourites are ‘Dead Ringers’, ‘The Brood’, ‘The Audition’ and ‘Amer’. I saw ‘Censor’ at the cinema recently, and would highly recommend that as well.

Have you ever had a spooky encounter?
Not in the traditional sense, no. I’ve got an Alexa which does like to turn itself on though which may just be down to faulty wiring or it could also be the work of a ghost who’s a big fan of Squid.

Favourite villain or monster?
From the big screen, I’d go for Anton Chigurh (No Country for Old Men). The hair, the boots and the cattle gun, all do it for me. The bob really sells it though. A villainous haircut if ever there was one.

From the small screen, Richard Hillman – obviously. 2001 – 2003 were prime Corrie years and were typified by Richard Hillman. Whether he was swindling Jack and Vera out of their life savings or battering Emily Bishop with a crowbar whilst dressed as Aiden Critchley, he was the ultimate shithouse. And I’m not saying that I would *but*, if I was to kill my family, it would probably be whilst driving a Ford Galaxy into a canal whilst The Wannadies blasted out the stereo.

Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?
I’ve kept my diet of Cali Weed and David Icke in check throughout the pandemic so fortunately, (or unfortunately depending on your disposition), I’ve not been gripped by the same widespread paranoia that’s got a hold of the city’s most whiffed, deep-thinkers. I am a sheeple as they’d say.

When out trick or treating, what would be your trick?
I can rap the entirety of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bell Air’.

Do you have any superstitions?
Several. I have a terrible day on the 13th of every month and only ever wear black undies, to name just a few.

You have to wear one Halloween costume for the rest of your life – what would it be?
Norman Bates’ daywear. Pretty much exactly what I’d wear on a normal day to day anyway.

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