Photography: Michael Driffill / @driffysphotos

You’re about to head into a haunted house with nothing but a torch. Who are you taking with you?
Holly: Phoebe Bridgers. She can hold my hand when things get scary. Also, skeleton costumes can scare off any hauntings I reckon!

Liv: Luigi! He’s one to deal with a haunted mansion, think he’d help me in a situation.

Do you have an all-time favourite scary film?
Liv: Silent Hill. It was the first one my sister and I watched together and it was because of the film that I got into the game franchise!

Holly: I hate scary films. I’m more into my absolutely terrible bad films, like Sharknado, or Birdemic! However, I am obsessed with Resident Evil. Resident Evil 4 will always have my heart. The scariest moment is when the regenerators come out the fridge – nothing scarier than that!

Have you ever had a spooky encounter?
Liv: When I was a kid we used to live at a house and I apparently had a ghost friend called Emily and used to talk to her all the time, turns out the housing estate was built on an old mental hospital.

Holly: I sometimes suffer from sleep paralysis, honestly one time I was sitting on my bed and I felt like I was rising up in the most scary way while a monster grabbed my throat, way too vivid I feel.

Favourite villain or monster?
Liv: Dracula!

Holly: Warerabbit from Wallace and Gromit. An utter mad man.

Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?
Liv: No but they’re fun to read!

Holly: The government straight up says awful things. They don’t even need to hide their horrors at this point.

When out trick or treating, what would be your trick?
Liv: Silly string! Lots of fun, not too messy!

Holly: I feel too bad, maybe just knock again and say come on not even got a pack of raisins mate?

Do you have any superstitions?
Liv: If you walk on three grids you have to spit. Knocking-on would, too.

Holly: Never walk under a ladder because, I mean, it’s common sense too, right?

You have to wear one Halloween costume for the rest of your life – what would it be?
Liv: A bat! If I was an animal it would definitely be a bat!

Holly: A witch! What a fun outfit. I definitely could sell witch outfits on Depop for a pop!

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