Our latest sonic expedition brings the brightest new sounds across the Merseyverse. From electrifying alt-rock to nostalgia-driven thrums of synth, feast your ears on our weekly-updated round-up.

Louder By The Sea

POLKER take listeners on a tumultuous sonic journey with Louder By The Sea. Grinding guitars and the pattering of percussion underscore the soaring vocals on this The Verve-esque anthem. Over the course of five minutes, the self-described heavy hitting St. Helens quartet weave intricate melodies into an ever-changing instrumental tapestry, making for a dynamic listen from beginning to end. 


Electrifying alt-rock quartet CRAWLERS return with a certified stomper of a new single. Monroe boasts riotous riffs and an earthquake-inducing drumbeat as the band move towards a heavier sound. Lead singer Holly Minto delivers a formidable vocal performance that oscillates between deep resonance and a searing snarl in a song that tackles the objectification of women across in the entertainment industry. 

Alright (okay)

Like the eponymous beverage, the latest offering from ALRIGHT (OKAY) packs its punch of caffeinated adrenaline. Fittingly sporadic vocals race through the track, spouting unhinged confessions over repeated acoustic guitar motifs, restless drumbeats, and bubbling basslines. A track that has all the bite of an espresso, while retaining a melt-in-your-mouth sweetness to sink your teeth into.


Another troubadour channelling the spirit of Mathers, KIEO’s debut drop is an acoustic paen to nostalgia and a bitter-sweet contemplation of childhood reminiscences. Tearaway grows in stature during its three minute run time with pedal steel, foot stomps and assorted percussion adding emotional heft. Part of the BOSS Night stable which has given us Jamie Webster, Ben Burke and others, Kieo’s first single will put him in front of new audiences away from seas of red, but this track has the terrace anthem quality to chime with live room audiences where-ever.


The debut track from the Eggy Records stable is reminiscent of being behind the bikesheds hanging with the early naughties cool crowd. Gnarling grooves and frenzied electric licks meld with Hannah Brown’s brooding vocal drawl, as she retains an air of detachment while chanting increasingly concerning lyrics. A gritty number dripping in charisma that serves as the perfect initiation to the group’s scorching hot sound. 

NIIX (ft. Martha Pryer)

NIIX (formerly Luna) brings a playful record in Jaded to welcome a long-overdue return to the dancefloor. With self-aware lyrics blended with dark synths, big beats and a captivating mix of vocals reminiscent of Rina Sawayama and Charli XCX, it’s the perfect anthem for 2021 pre-drinks to get that courage you need for the night ahead. 

Spilt Milk Society
Bon Iver

LIMF academy scheme alumni SPILT MILK SOCIETY are back with a breezy, melancholic and wistful release in Bon Iver. Addictive and upsetting, Bon Iver takes you through the motions of a relationship you’ve never experienced, as you’re forced to reject the music that solidified your love. Abandon Bon Iver (the artist) and delve into Bon Iver (the new indie banger). 

J. Madden
Two Birds

Returning with his second single, J. MADDEN’s solo quest for meaning amid terrestrial distraction finds further ground in Two Birds, an airy, uplifting and all-round summery kiss goodbye to those drawn-out nights. Dishing out generous helpings of delay, light percussion and dreamy vocals, Two Birds bags an easy winner for fans of Cass McCoombs and Kurt Vile. Elsewhere, swirling synths, airy swooshes and animalistic chatter lull you away into some remote haven of pure bliss. 


The Scouse rap denizen brings his signature raw flow in Fly, featuring guest vocals by Dorcas Seb and keys taken care of by Starkey the Messenger. Watch me fly, Dorcas implores in the track’s chorus, and with its soothing beat complimented by delicate woodwind and a high-pitched harpsichord-esque melody, the track is a spiritual eavesdrop into a surreal dreamscape – and one that won’t be leaving our on-repeat anytime soon. 

Sophie Li
Foreign Silhouette

SOPHIE LI’s Foreign Silhouette feels like the soundtrack to a film noir projected on the inside of her eyelids. Heavy beats and driving rhythms chase the ill-fated leading lady down dark alleyways, desperately trying to escape from the shadowy strangers lurking in the corners of her mind. Imagine a Scouse Siouxie meets Savages.

Words: Sarah Taylor, Sam Turner, Lily Blakeney-Edwards, David Roskin, Cat Caie, Matthew Berks, Sanna King

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