The lovely folk at HEAVENLY RECORDINGS have put together a playlist of their favourite Merseyside music picks, hand selected by label founder Jeff Barrett and online content writer Katherine Cantwell. Here’s what they have to say about our fair city and each of their chosen tracks.

Hooton Tennis Club –  Jasper

Jeff Barrett: Carl Hunter put us onto these lovely lads. Carl is one the most enthusiastic, passionate, straight up music nuts you will ever meet. He found Hooton, bigged ‘em up to me and I duly visited the Kazimier Garden for the first time. Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair was already recorded and that was a stand-out tune that night. I liked them enough to go back for a second look and by then they had written this song, their first bona fide classic. Thank you Mr Hunter, we’re forever in your debt.

Feral Love – Like The Wind

Katherine Cantwell: Another recommendation from Carl Hunter, they put this single out on ‘The Label’ ran out through Edge Hill University, a project that focusses on introducing up and coming Merseyside talent to the world.

Stealing Sheep – Not Real

KC: Stealing Sheep embody Liverpool’s quirky, vibrant art scene. These girls put the city back on the map for us, inviting us into their world of colourful visuals and out-there club nights. The trio always utilise their surroundings to create their brilliantly eccentric pop music symbiotic to their creative visuals.

James Canty – Love

KC: Carl Golsing, who runs our venue The Social checked James out at SWN festival in Cardiff in October after Stealing Sheep said to come along and watch him, Carl called it a “genius one man live show.”

The Big Kids – I’m Bored 

JB: Timeless punk rock rhythm and blues. First discovered (by me at any rate) on a Viper [The Viper Label] compilation of Liverpool garage bands. We used to blast this out at Heavenly parties (after hours in our Soho office above Ronnie Scott’s club) and I always thought it was a shame that it never came out on a 7 inch. We ended up putting that right.

Bill Ryder-Jones – Catharine and Huskisson

KC: Bill’s a really great talent, a genuine character whose inspirational song writing is a strong force in the Merseyside scene. This track displays his loyal nature to the city that he loves, a tribute to the so-named streets of Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter.

By The Sea – Emily Says

KC: Friends of Ryder-Jones and a product of the man’s talent as a producer too, these guys share a similar love for a decent melody, found on this dreamy track and their wonderful record Endless Days Crystal Sky.

“Liverpool has a rich music history and we love it as a city. In the last six years of Bido Lito!‘s existence it’s become a destination for great club nights, music events & festivals, as well producing some of the most innovative and exciting new bands. For us, Liverpool is about the fantastic music promoters, Tom at Harvest Sun and Revo at EVOL, as well as the top acts – our own Hooton Tennis Club, Stealing Sheep and more. Plus, our involvement with the Getintothis team as panellists for their annual GIT Award, has been such a joy too – to be involved with such passionate music lovers. We’re also regular readers of Bido Lito!‘s pink pages and are delighted that Hooton Tennis Club have been cover stars twice!” Katherine Cantwell, Heavenly Recordings

Sugarmen – Plastic Ocean

KC: We put these on at our Heavenly & Friends bank holiday party in Manchester last May. These guys have bags of swagger and have been championed by Mick Jones.

All We Are – Feel Safe

JB: This one comes tinged with sadness. We really wanted to sign All We Are to Heavenly. We tried. We failed. We cried.

The Coral – Dreaming of You

JB: This song reminds me of loads of my favourite things.

MiNNETONKA – Birds of Prey

KC: New to Wirral based record label War Room Records, this track was born out of a love of Twin Peaks, landscapes, and photography – ambient synth pop with gorgeous whispering vocals.

The Teardrop Explodes – Treason

JB: One of my favourite records of all time.

Echo and the Bunnymen – Going Up

KC: My favourite Bunnymen tune and the opening track on their debut album Crocodiles. I would have loved to see them play back in the day at the legendary deceased venue Eric’s.

The Beatles – Baby, You’re a Rich Man

KC: It couldn’t be a Liverpool playlist without a track from The Beatles, so I got Ryan [Murphy] from Hooton Tennis Club to contribute with his favourite tune of theirs.

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