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It’s the same as when people profess the shining virtues of a terrier midfielder, because he ‘always puts in a shift’. If I was lucky enough to be handed a Rovers shirt, I’d ‘put in a shift’, I’d do more than that, I’d run, kick and scowl until I had nothing more to give. I’d lay my body on the line for that white shirt because…that’s the base line…that’s the starting point. Skill and class are gifts that, when added to the mix with grit and graft, provide a unique proposition.

When promoting bands, loving the music is an essential starting point. That’s ‘taken as read.’ If the fact that, ‘you just love the music’ is your single calling card, then you’re pretty plain, Joe Average, rather unremarkable and pretty uninteresting. When that love is mixed with a healthy dose of taste, creativity and drive…well, that’s when we’re talking. That’s when Gareth Edds becomes Andy Robinson, someone who can do something with the ball at their feet, when they’ve managed to gain possession in the first place. After spending an hour with Tom Lynch, from HARVEST SUN PROMOTIONS, I’m left with no illusions that this boy has the ball at his feet, well under control…and at the moment can pick out a pass anywhere on the park.

“We’d been threatening to put on some shows for years” Tom pointed out, over a cup of tea at Static Gallery – we being alongside his partner in Harvest Sun, James Best. “I’d been walking past the bombed out church everyday and I had this feeling that I just wanted to do it, create something in there, our Woodstock.” And create something they did, the first Acoustic Air Raid @ The Bombed Out Church featured John Head (Shack) and Misery Guts among many others.

“Bands can see the affection and love which we have when we put on our shows. This starts with the venue, it feels so different and unique. Its boring going to gigs in the same boxes all the time.” Tom Lynch

“It had been raining all week, just pouring down. But, when the day came, it was glorious. Over 400 people with cans and picnics, enjoying the sun and the music, kids running around and everything. It was perfect.” Sounds like our own mini White Lake, right here at the top of Bold Street.

Since that sunny-summer-Sunday, Tom and James have expanded their choice of venues at which to hold their soirées. The Williamson Tunnels provided the next location of choice, a move inside as the winter months closed in. But, bombed out churches…disused tunnel complexes – Tom also talks of plans for shows in allsorts of odd locations (about which I’m sworn to secrecy, naturally) – this isn’t the local working mans club, pub back room or even city centre music haunt. What is it about the unusual venue that Harvest Sun find so appealing?

“It’s a personal, not a functional relationship” Tom lets on. “Bands can see the affection and love which we have when we put on our shows. This starts with the venue, it feels so different and unique. Its boring going to gigs in the same boxes all the time.”

And from the choice of venue, right down to the bands rider, this personal relationship shines through. When the guys promoted a show for Midlake at The Williamson Tunnels, Tom’s mum whipped up a pan of Scouse for the band, which they devoured before heading into the tunnels for a guided tour. “The whole day, it was just fantastic and the gig was one of the best ever. And yeah, I love the fact I was there” Tom beams.

Harvest Sun must be doing something right, get this, every single show they’ve put on thus far has sold out. These have included Midlake, The Clientele, John Bramwell (I Am Kloot) and various local group led line-ups. Clearly the Liverpool public have an appetite for Tom and James’s brand of psychedelic-roots-safari.

This is an appetite which will be truly satisfied over the coming months, as Harvest Sun serve up their very own Summer Of Love. Steve Mason (Beta Band), John Grant (Bella Union) The Soundcarriers (Melodic) provide the highlights of a summer also set to include the return of Acoustic Air Raid @ The Bombed Out Church, as well as the emergence of The Tunnel Of Love @ Williamson Tunnels.

“We just want to keep finding bands and putting them on in different kinds of places. We’ve got our own vision and ideas about how we want to do things. Long term we’d like to own our own venue, but god knows what that would be!” Well Tom, if your efforts thus far are anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

Try-hards and ball chasers take note; it’s what you do with the love and the passion that matters.


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