Photography: Keith Ainsworth /

“This is an issue about space”.

Spanning the Editorial, and conversations around Independent Venue Week and the Liverpool, Music City? report, Issue 84 looks at the infrastructure around music in Liverpool, particularly the network of independent venues in this city that allow artists to cut their teeth and to thrive.

“In order to make progress, creative artists need opportunities. For musicians, that means venues.”

Photographer Keith Ainsworth┬áspent a day capturing these spaces at their most serene – empty in the daytime or with a handful of people going about their jobs, loading in, cleaning up and clearing away. A selection of these images appear in Issue 84 our December 2017 / January 2018 edition, including on the cover. As it is in the city, space is limited in our print edition – here, we present a full set of his photography, and a portrait of Liverpool’s independent venues going into a new year.

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