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ENRG01 @ Invisible Wind Factory

It doesn’t feel like a rave. It feels like a party, a party thrown by that one cool supervisor for their co-workers. The turbines are rotating in time with the hi-hat. Somebody takes the stool from next to me, and the sound of its legs scraping on the floor lines up perfectly with a conga break from MELODIC DISTRACTION. It isn’t quite rammed yet, but they don’t tone down their sound for the distinct after-work drinks vibe (or is it just me?). It’s a wonderfully mixed crowd: Kazimier once-regulars in the yellow spotlight, kids who’ve strayed off the beaten path (from Concert Square) in the purple, and aging clubbers where the two meet.

The next set is very liberal with the saxophone solos. Now, that could be levelled as a criticism at some, but it just bounces off BLEHRIN. His set is dreamier and less melodically distracting. When he rolls the treble back, he could appear self-absorbed and distant, but it’s just the care and precision he takes at the decks. It’s appropriate given how meticulous FLOATING POINTS’ approach to his music is.

Don’t let his scientific background fool you – Sam Shephed’s ear for a sample is so intuitive, even the oddest choices end up being so persuasive; there’s no way he could have layered them any differently. Wriggling orchestral synths? Worth a shot. Sticking Bill Withers’ (first album, first track) Harlem over it? That’s a push. How does it work, and how does the electronica stay intact? It might turn out to be genius. Might. He’s not afraid to shut down completely to ease in a new sound, a stunt Blehrin pulled earlier, but with Shepherd picking the records, it’s usually some luxurious synth, and even when that crescendo turns out to be a horn section and glitterball vocals, the umbilicus has long since been cut – it simply ain’t disco anymore.

All night long, the stewards wear tabards of pulsating lights, the Vegas incarnation of the Queen of Hearts’ guard. One of them grabs a small metal box with knobs and a green LED display and rushes off with it. What does it do and what does he need it for?

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