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For new artists hoping to find their spot in Merseyside’s vibrant musical community, Liverpool boasts an array of creative spaces and organisations to support their development. One of the freshest faces to thrive from creative guidance and bring new tunes to the city is singer-songwriter, REMÉE. Her talent caught the attention of Positive Impact and the award-winning LIMF Academy; two local organisations that recognise the exciting potential of Merseyside’s younger generation.

Remée’s neo-soul vibes and catchy rhythms have been slowly but surely trickling into the city’s venues since she first found her voice. From EBGBS, The Jacaranda and the Epstein Theatre, to open mic nights at Hannah’s Bar, you might have stumbled across her enchanting vocals by happy accident. Starting from a young age, Remée can recall exactly what drew her towards music. “I was good at English in school and started writing poetry. One of them got put up on the wall and I remember thinking, ‘Oh, maybe I’m actually good at writing!’ so I started to experiment with songwriting too.” Along with an inclination to write, Remée was often the star of her living room with family members filming her covers of favourite pop songs. “My sister watched the video back and was like, ‘You’re dead good! Let me take you to singing classes!’ and that’s how it all started. I went to Positive Impact, which is where MiC Lowry and Taylor Fowlis started.”

Positive Impact not only provided Remée with the opportunity to experiment with her voice, but to also find confidence and comfort in the stunning vocals she wasn’t sure she had. From private singing lessons to having a poem put up on the classroom wall, even the smallest gestures of encouragement can have the greatest impact on a young artist. Remée was soon able to recognise her own abilities and explore them further. “I was self conscious at first, because I didn’t even think I was a good singer, but I had one-on-one sessions with the teacher and she helped me progress with my voice. We also did little showcases and performances, but I performed covers. I wasn’t ready to show anyone the songs I had written!”

“As long as there’s a handful of people that love my music, I’ll be happy”

Now proudly showcasing her own songwriting, Remée recorded a version of her self-penned track Indigo for LIMF Academy and Bido Lito! earlier this year at The Motor Museum Recording Studio. Describing her style as “futuristic RnB”, Remée finds a perfect balance of soul, RnB and electronic beats to compliment her captivating voice. “I don’t play an instrument and the beats that I like are called future bass, and I feel like my voice is soulful RnB, so I’d say futuristic RnB is the sound that I’m creating. I’m still finding myself, but I like what I’m doing now. I used to love pop, but once I started writing I realised that it wasn’t my style.”

Remée searches for music that captures what she hopes to create, finding herself drawn towards a more alternative sound to the more mainstream loves of her childhood. “I like people who are avant garde, like FKA Twigs, Billie Eilish and Doja Cat. It’s people who catch my eye, or my ear, and are a bit different. That’s what I like. I take points from their music and have started trying to make my own beats. When I’m about to write a song, I go on YouTube and type in ‘future bass’ and find ones that I like then write my songs to the beat. When I go in the studio with producers, I can show that as a template of what I’m trying to create.”

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Softly sweet, but also able to pack an impassioned punch, it’s no surprise that Remée’s vocals have caught the ears of many. Honouring LIMF’s class of 2017-2018, Remée performed on the festival’s Academy stage this year alongside Gazelle and Mary Miller. The stellar female trio were chosen as the Academy’s three ‘Most Ready’ acts and gained a place on their Elite Talent Development Programme, which works with the specific needs of each artist. “At the moment, it’s just about finding the right beat for my writing. I used to purchase my beats from YouTube to perform with, but I want it to be brand new and fresh, and no one to have heard it before, so I want to go in the studio and make everything from scratch.”

Providing opportunities to perform live also played a great part in improving Remée’s self confidence. “I just kept wondering, ‘Do people like my music? Do people not like my music?’ but that’s why performing live has been the best thing. You can hear people clap for you and see that they’re feeling your music. When I’m just putting music out online, you don’t really know what people think. It could get loads of views, but you don’t know if people really like it, so it’s definitely gigs. That’s what has helped me a lot.”

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Set to perform at The Jacaranda in November, Remée is currently writing songs and hoping to release an EP at the end of the month, but her hopes for the future remain as humble as when she first started singing. “I think – it probably doesn’t even sound that big – but I think to sell out somewhere in town, like in the Arts Club or The Jacaranda, and know that everyone is there for me, then I’ll feel like, ‘Ok, I’ve made it!’ As long as there’s a handful of people that love my music, I’ll be happy. I just want to get it out there. I feel like it’s the only thing that I’m good at and that I want to do. I’ve got to this point, I’ve performed at LIMF and other venues in town, I’m starting to believe in myself more and more.”

Hearing how Remée has been able to prosper both professionally and personally, it forces you to wonder how many artists may have passed us by without creative spaces that champion musical talent. The importance of sustaining the abundance of art, music and culture that continues to bloom beside the Mersey is perfectly summed up by Remée herself. “Music is just life. We need music and we can all relate to it in one way or another. Like, if music wasn’t here, what would we even do? It’s so important, because it’s people’s stories. It’s what brings people together.”

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