Photography: Robin Clewley / robinclewley.co.uk

To commemorate The Kazimier’s final curtain call, we sent Bido Lito! photographer Robin Clewley to the incongruously empty venue to capture the nuances of the utterly brilliant and bonkers, black and white, octagonal-floored crypt and collective hidden on Wolstenholme Square, before the building leave us. Masters of curating their own world within the venue and influencing a wider world outside, the club has been an integral part of, and home to, the collective who have underscored Liverpool’s surge in creativity over the past 8 years. Here’s one last luminous look at some of the nooks, crannies and quirks which make the venue so blaringly unique. You can read a full feature about The Kaz where we speak to the minds behind the madness and magic in our December 2015/January 2016 edition (Issue 62).

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