If you’ve been left with the task of organising this year’s work Christmas do, you’ve just landed on your feet. On 22nd December, the ultimate Office Christmas Party is taking place right under your nose, all courtesy of those lovable proto-punks EYESORE & THE JINX. The trio are showing that they’ve got a flair for Christmas shenanigans by throwing a properly festive, no-holds-barred party in the Shipping Forecast’s basement. And you’re invited.

The trio have also invited some of their mates, and we should all be thankful that they’ve got very talented mates, or this could have been embarrassing. RONGORONGO are renowned for their love of brooding post-punk, which has always been a Christmas staple. Cosmic shakers FERAL WHEEL are your new favourite band, you just don’t know it yet. BEIJA FLO provides an extra dash of colour and charm, for those of you who worry that a Christmas tree with five baubles isn’t enough. All that great music and entertainment will set you back for a mere, paltry fiver. Can’t get much more festive than that, can you? BYOMP* though.

There will also be a ‘special’ Bido Lito! DJs Christmas set to oil the wheels. Requests will only be taken by people wearing those massive silver puffa jackets that East 17 wore in the Stay Another Day video. Or if your request is off the Now That’s What I Call Christmas album. You’ve been warned.

*mince pies


An Eyesore & The Jinx spokesperson had this to say about the ensuing fun.

“Whether you want to knock shite out of Colin from HR during the quick tunes, or tell Susan from accounts – who you’ve never spoken to – that you love her, the Eyesore ‘Office Christmas Party’ is the safe space in which to do so. See, we know all too well the feeling of that New Year’s dread. When you trot back into work, all sheepish and quiet. Can’t look anyone in the eye. Not knowing who knows what. And you know what, we thrive off it. And deep down, you do too. You pervert. And for the mere price of a fiver, you can have your ‘moment’ – as your co-workers will describe it – soundtracked by some of the finest sounds the Mersey peninsula has to offer. So whether it’s a psych wig-out you’re after, pure heartbreak or just all-out sleaze, we can cater to your every little need. And you know what, we’ve even got cotton wool, and we’ve cut it out a bit, to look like snow. No. Expense. Spared.”

Buy your tickets now. What else are you gonna want to do on 22nd December? Exactly you know it makes sense.

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