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Each month we ask the artists we feature the same question: ‘Can you recommend a musician, band or album that Bido Lito! readers might not have heard?’ This has thrown up a weird and wonderful assortment of music from all corners of the internet and real world.

As always, we wanted to share this selection of music with you, our dear Bido Lito! members, and give you an insight into the world of our featured artists. The playlist you have been sent via email is exclusive to our monthly Membership and is comprised of selections made by artists featured in our July 2019 magazine (Issue 101).

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                                                                      Bill Nickson


Daniel Johnston — “He’s a massive figure in my whole musical journey, I think. He’s probably the purest musician I’ve ever listened to – it’s just straight from the heart, and there’s no… he’s not doing it for any other intention than creating for himself. You can hear it in every song, and he sings as if there are a million people watching, but it’s inward facing. He definitely opened my eyes to how music can be your outlet. And people can find a way to love that. It’s true what they say, where if you can see it’s from the heart, it’s easy to like things, because it’s, like, pure.”


“There’s this guy called Jimothy Lacoste who I’ve only just found. He has an 80s feel and does some funny songs. It’s worth watching his videos because his dance moves are something else.”


“A wonderful musician and a very good friend of mine, Amique, is a very unique songwriter with a beautiful voice and charisma that is hard not to notice when listening to his music or watching him live.”


                                                                    Raheem Alameen

Raheem Alameen

“I think Yxng Bane, Octavian, Khalid and Daniel Caesar are really paving a way for the younger generation in music.”

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (Fran Keaney)

“There’s this incredible band from Melbourne, who we’re actually touring with here in the States, they’re called RVG, they’re a guitar band and they’re just an incredible unit; led by Romy Vager Group, she’s an incredible performer, lyricist, guitarist, there’s this song on her album called A Quality Of Mercy, there’s a song called IBM, which is about a person falling in love with their computer, who loved him for his sentences and now you see he’s just an engine. There’s another song, and it’s about this person who’s on death row in Bali, after trying to smuggle drugs back to Australia and reading the letters to the editor in an Australian newspaper, that’ll say “Let him hang. He shouldn’t have broken the law.” It’s from the perspective of the person being hanged, saying, “fuck you! You armchair creeps, you’ve got absolutely no idea.” There’s just such power in the performance as well, but yeah, RVG would be a band to listen to. Also, Body Type, they’re from Sydney. They’re good mates of ours, a great guitar band. There are many, many, many in Melbourne and Sydney, all over Australia. We might just be behind on current trends or well ahead of, I’m not sure. It doesn’t feel like the writings on the wall for guitar music, maybe it’s been spoken about in the States and UK, but we’re still very much into guitars and putting out guitar bands.

I would also say Sunscreen, they’re from Sydney, they’ve got an album coming out soon- they’ve got a song called Voices that we listen to quite a lot in the van, and it’s a four-minute burst of power-pop, and if you’ve got four minutes to spare I’d definitely recommend putting that song on and turning it up.”


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