Each month we ask the artists we feature the same question: ‘Can you recommend a musician, band or album that Bido Lito! readers might not have heard?’ This has thrown up a weird and wonderful assortment of music from all corners of the internet and real world.

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                                                                                Sub Blue


My artist recommendation would be Kali Claire. I first met her at my London headline show, she was the support act and she absolutely blew me away! Her new single Fix My Lonely is amazing off her debut EP Symptoms Of A Teen. I really connected with her message, as it’s very similar to mine.


I’d recommend an artist called Arvid, and his album Old Factory Living in particular. I found his music in a thread on an image board when I was like 15 and showed my friends and we’ve all been listening to it since then, it’s weird cause to me the album feels like an old classic but I don’t think the guy even has 500 followers on Soundcloud. It’s a super chilled out album and has some super catchy songs on it.


Karen Dalton. She’s called the folk Billie Holliday, but she’s more than that. Most of her recordings are just these crackly tape demos, but they’re haunting and really beautiful at the same time. They sort of represent all that’s important about music, if you just distilled it down to the essentials.




Alex: Seeing Takotsubo Men for the first time at EBGB’s a few weeks back completely blew me away, been aware of them for a while but watching them live really put the album into a better focus. Totally off the wall, noisey punk with a seriously aggressive live presence (however lovely guys off stage it would seem).

Alongside them, the new Pile record is exceptional, every record they do is. We played with them a couple years back and we’d never heard of them prior but after digging into their catalogue found they played a perfect blend of DC post-punk/hardcore with a weird delicate 90s US indie sound, unique stuff.

I would also happily put Liverpool trio Mincemeat at the top of this list as they are one of the best live acts going but their music is 100% absent from Spotify.


I’d have to say U.S. artist Tayana Taylor’s Hold On. I love this song! When you see and hear the visual on YouTube you think it’s an original 60s soul single, however, it’s a new recording, sounds authentic but current at the same time. It transports me to another place when I listen to it.


Soph: A band I really like at the moment are Porridge Radio. They’re based in London but started in Brighton like we did. Dana’s songs are really emotional and raw and they’re very free sounding live – it’s unapologetic in a way I don’t think many bands are.


If you lovely pink people haven’t heard of Daniel Romano, in any of his forms, then there are hours of pleasure ahead of you! If you have, I’m glad you found him too. Particularly the two most recent albums. Listen to them.

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