Words: Bido Lito!
Photography: Keith Ainsworth / @musicphotokeith

Record stores are for life, not just for Record Store Day

You don’t have to have read High Fidelity to appreciate the rich tapestry of life that lives, breathes and is immortalised in independent record stores. Many of our cultural quirks are reflected in them, and they’re invariably guarded over by knowledgeable custodians of the racks who can guide you through your Doors back catalogue (“no no, don’t start there, start with this one”) as well as spot a seasonal gift hunter at 100 paces.

In a bid to throw a spotlight on some of these wax and polycarbonate plastic emporiums, we sent Keith Ainsworth out with his camera across Merseyside to some of our best-loved indie record stores – and he found some hidden gems while he was out and about.

Thanks to Thomas, Billy, Elliot, Bob, Dave, Anthony, George, Andrew, Jeff, Dave, John, Danny, Bob and The Prof for helping us when we came round – and especially to Diane from The Musical Box, who’s worked in the store for 65 years, and had this to say…

“Every day with us is a record store day. I have always loved music. Our customers are like our friends, we know them by name. We don’t mind strangers though!”

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