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As the inexorable march of time rolls on, Summer moves into Autumn, October moves into November, mornings get darker and days get shorter. But in fact, this brings great news. Liverpool Music Week is upon us once again. The festival has brought some of the worlds biggest names to Liverpool, and shown some of Liverpool’s brightest to the world, and the 2010 line-up is no exception. Amongst the big names appearing at this years event will be Danish pop-lauomposers EFTERKLANG, who’s last two LP’s Parades and Magic Chairs have seen the band begin to make waves outside of their home country, receiving top-honours from, Clash magazine and a coveted 10.0 from online indie trend-setters  Bido Lito! managed to catch up with vocalist and instrumentalist Casper Clausen for a quick chat on the eve of their European tour.

The most striking thing about an Efterklang record is how intricately constructed the melodies are, and the level of composition that has gone into them. It’s easy to assume that what you’re listening to is the result of studio post-production, but apparently that’s not the case at all. Casper tells me, “Actually these songs are great to play live, that was the whole concept behind them. We went out on the road last year to tour Parades, and started to work on them then. We tested them live before we recorded them, and they were a lot of fun so we know how well they work.”

Now signed to label 4AD in England, the band also have experience in D.I.Y releases, having run their own label Rumraket. “Our label is kind of on the backburner at the moment, it’s mainly Rune who runs it, but he’s been touring with us so it’s a little quiet, maybe ten to fifteen releases. We put out Grizzly Bear in Denmark before they went huge, that was pretty cool.”

“The tour is going really well, and the prospect of playing new places is always one of the best parts of music. We’re really looking forward to visiting Liverpool [...]" Casper Clausen, Efterklang

The band formed in Copenhagen in Denmark, a country renowned for fairy tales and Carlsberg but until recently, not it’s musical exports. This seems to be changing however, with pop band Alphabeat attaining chart success in the UK and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour featuring on an iPod advertisement. “There’s lots of great music coming out of Denmark at the moment, and getting more popularity outside of the country. It’s really varied. Obviously Alphabeat and Efterklang are two very different things, but it shows that it’s an exciting time for Danish music. Of course it’s still a little unknown, but I think over the next three years there will be more well-known Danish music. It’s a healthy situation.”

Up until now Efterklang have never visited Liverpool, but critics have favourably placed them in a similar category to Echo and the Bunnymen and some mop-topped Liverpool four-piece who were quite famous once. “The tour is going really well, and the prospect of playing new places is always one of the best parts of music. We’re really looking forward to visiting Liverpool. We know it has a pretty big musical reputation to stand on, so we’re looking forward to seeing what is going on around the city, especially with Liverpool Music Week being on. We hear there are hundreds of bands to catch.”

Thus concluded the interview, with Casper clearly having done is homework, and inadvertently having done my job for me. He’s right, there will be over 100 bands heading to Liverpool for the event (see your LMW 2010 pull-out for full listings), with Bido Lito! helping in curating free shows at Mojo, featuring amongst others Field Music, Chapel Club, Darwin Deez, Miles Kane and Egyptian Hip-Hop, throughout November.

Efterklang will be appearing at the O2 Academy on November 7th

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