Each month we ask an artist or a member of Liverpool’s music community to give us a glimpse into their world by selecting some music they’ve had on heavy rotation recently. They could range from cult classics to obscure bangers, or the latest, hot-off-the-press tunes from their own personal favourites. This month we caught up with The Zanzibar’s Scott Burgess, who is busy upholding the spirit of the late Tony Butler in keeping the Seel Street venue alive and buzzing.


Sam Cooke
A Change is Gonna Come
RCA Victor

This song always has a place in my heart. My mum was a massive Motown and disco freak, and this massively influenced my musical likes and dislikes when I was growing up. Music transcends time and this song takes me back to sitting in my mum’s car, listening to the CDs belting out tracks.

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Run The Jewels
Lie, Cheat, Steal
Mass Appeal

These guys are focusing on real issues across the world, from poverty to gun crime. They do this in a really comical way with beats which deserve the best bass face. If you’re already a fan of RTJ, I recommend watching Killer Mike’s docu-series Trigger Warning. Lie, Cheat, Steal is basically about how everyone is doing everything in their power to rise to the top, regardless of the consequences. This song is the revolution.

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Red Rum Club
Would You Rather Be Lonely?
Modern Sky UK

I first heard these guys way back when I was a bartender working in Some Place and I heard them soundchecking downstairs in The Zanzibar. I had to pop my head in when I heard the brass come steaming in. From then I was hooked. We have a few of their songs on the playlist in Some Place and, no matter what time this song comes on, the feels are there. When half the bar are singing along to an awesome homegrown band and an equally awesome song, how could this not be on the list?

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Janus Records

I recently discovered this album while deep in the rabbit hole of YouTube. They are a British funk band who were active in 70s, and they reunited recently. They’re also massively overlooked considering their unbelievable sound and talent. Cymande is derived from the calypso word for ‘dove’, symbolising love and peace. This album is pure escapism: sit back, close your eyes and feel the Calypso funk.

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Fat Freddy’s Drop
Wandering Eye

My old pal/boss got me into FFD a good few years back and I’ve been hooked since! I love anything brass (not Sheil Road style, though), and the brass builds into a lovely funk mix with a drop of soul and RnB for good measure. Seeing them live, you’re given the biggest hit of endorphins as you jive with everyone.

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