SUNSTACK JONES’ summery, sepia-tinged sound is perfectly apt for this time of year, filtering their blend of Americana indie through the sound of their classics-laden record collections. Their new single, By the By, is released today, on the same day that preorders have been announced for their new, self-titled LP which is due to land on 29th June.

Watch the video for the gorgeous single By The By here. You can also preorder the LP online now; and below, the band give us some insight into the sounds that influenced their latest record. Wade in.




Languid, effortless and in its own time zone. There’s a super magic quality all of its own to get lost in, while suspended in amber and staring at the sun with your eyes closed.

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The Byrds

Draft Morning


It sounds summery and euphoric, but there’s an undercurrent of darkness, with it being about being sent to fight in Vietnam. I think that kind of dark subject matter hidden by a more blissful melody is something that resonates on parts of our new LP.

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Sammi Smith

Saunders Ferry Lane


This is a song so steeped in beauty it floors you. Luscious strings, lap steel, a long hypnotic lull with SAMMI SMITH’s dusky voice enveloping you with a letter to a love lost. Melancholy, beautiful and a perfect soundtrack to the long, dark northern winters.

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Ryan Adams And The Cardinals

Let it Ride

Lost Highway

Pure melody, perfect tempo and assured drawl. Cold Roses is a go-to album. The delicate feel of the drums, light and confident. Brad Pemberton is a real influence: seeing his sparse percussion on an acoustic tour years ago was an eye-opener due to its simplicity. Simply right on, maaan.

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The Cure

Prayers For Rain


A claustrophobic, alluring, yearning, intoxicating wonder. It instils a nostalgia for memories half-imagined; beautiful regrets and revelations that always seemed tangible but never materialised. A song to completely lose yourself in when the nights close in. It’s like a drug.

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Best Coast

Our Deal


Sad-voiced lady heartbreak songs bathed in reverberating echo from the canyons of L.A.? Yes please, every day. Yessss.

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Big Star

Daisy Glaze

Ardent Records

Radio City non-stop, all the time. The melody in this song is sheer class and the change midway through is insane – it seems to come from nowhere and doesn’t go back once it’s taken off.

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Buffalo Springfield

Mr Soul

ATCO Records

They could get heavy when they wanted to, but still retain that sweetness in terms of melody and production. That contrast of grit and jangle is the one.

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Crosby, Stills And Nash

Helplessly Hoping


Don’t know how they’re singing it, but the harmonies are mind-bending.

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Bob Dylan

Girl From The North Country


It’s one of those timeless songs that has always been there and will always be there. Unless it goes away.

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Sunstack Jones is released on 29th June via Deltasonic Records. You can pre-order the album now from here:

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