Merseyside punks QUEEN ZEE have been busy conquering the world, but they stopped long enough to release their self-titled debut LP in February, on their own Sasstone Records label. Here, Zee herself picks out a few choice records that were important touchstones for her when making the album.

Queen Zee’s unorthodox attitude and unruly spirit are evident from their recent single Loner. Their strident and notorious live shows are bursting with madness, a real-life enactment of everything their debut self-titled album encapsulates. The five-piece give us hope as a new inspiration for young British guitar bands emerges to pave the way for the future of the punk scene. Shortly after their nine-date tour of the UK in February we asked the band what albums inspired their latest record the most.

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Chrome Hoof
Chrome Hoof

Chrome Hoof were always more than a band; they are a mythology, a show, a performance. I wanted to capture that element of Queen Zee with this record. It’s a show, it’s meant to take you out of your boring life and let you lose yourself for an hour. Inject some colour into the grey British mundanity.


Pansy Division
Lookout! Records

I love how rude this record is. What’s the point of punk if it doesn’t make you throw up in your mouth a bit? Pansy Division were singing songs about sucking guys’ dicks, in a hardcore scene where guys were getting stabbed for being gay, and women were mostly excluded. Punk has such a bizarre and twisted relationship with the LGBTQ+ community; to me they’re one and their similarities much outweigh their differences. But to a lot, they don’t see it like that. I’d say this is the queercore album to dig into. A scene that has given me a lot of strength in my own journey.

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Smashing Pumpkins

This was one of my first records. Billy Corgan was really trying to make off-kilter pop. I think all the bands in that scene were in some way; Nirvana definitely were. I loved Corgan’s voice, it was so weird. I think there’s a lot of what Corgan was trying to create in my vision as well.

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Mothership Connection

You all know I love a costume. This record slaps. The vision and the execution of that vision is unparalleled. It’s an absolute classic. I’ve drawn so much from Parliament as an influence and I continue to. Why wear your jeans when you can dress like the love child of Judas Priest and The Clangers? I hate all the crap indie bands who live for the ‘I own one pair of jeans and don’t have a comb’ look. It lacks ambition, imagination and talent. Push the boundaries you collective of clichés.

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Queen Zee is out now via Sasstone Records.

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