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The lyrics and hidden tones gurgling beneath the trance-like serenity of LUNA’s music can catch you off guard. On first impressions, you may be drawn into a meditative state by the producer-vocalist’s lucid electro-pop. Yet, in reality, the electronicist’s music is a vicious exploration of the back cavities of the soul. New single 5am encapsulates this adroitly, delivering an engulfing swell with an added dose of aggressive tension. The track is focused, feeling like LUNA’s pure emotions have been sharpened at the edges and channelled just for your listening pleasure.

After launching the single at a packed out show in 24 Kitchen Street, LUNA revealed that a full EP will follow in Spring 2019. If you can’t wait that long, listen to 5am below – and get funky with this Stealing Sheep remix. Ahead of that, we asked LUNA to delve into her record bag and gives us some insight into the beats and textures that inspired this new music. Wade in – and listen along here.


Good Manners

I’ve always been a huge Kllo fan ever since I stumbled across them at Sound City in 2015, so I was super excited when they released Potential earlier this year. The piano hook got me immediately – having grown up playing piano, it’s always how I start off writing my songs. In 5am, the opening piano was the first thing I wrote and then just kind of sung words over it. Everything else came later on in production, but the bones of most of my songs start on the piano.


Tei Shi
How Far
Interscope Records

When I wrote 5am I was losing myself in a destructive relationship, which is where the song came from. At the time, I had this track on repeat. Tei Shi sings of a similar situation, so I related to it heavily and found solace in it. Unlike 5am, this song has shitloads of sass with her killer vocal range and groovy bassline – it helped to reassure me that I was going to get through this.


Four Tet

Out of all of Four Tet’s albums, this one is my favourite. I just love the dreamy soundscapes he creates and it blows my mind that the whole album is entirely comprised of samples. It inspired me to mess around with samples myself, which is tentatively demonstrated in 5am where I chopped up some of my lead vocal and sampled it later on in the instrumental break. I’ve used samples more heavily in other tracks off my upcoming debut EP, such as the Bollywood vocal in Fire.


John Maus
Hey Moon
Upset The Rhythm

I think my world stopped turning for a minute or two when I first heard this song. There’s something so comforting about it yet so painfully sad at the same time; I can’t quite put my finger on it. I wanted to capture a similar feeling with 5am – it embodies pain and loneliness, but I also want it to comfort anyone else who may be listening to it and going through the same kind of thing.


Kelly Lee Owens
Kelly Lee Owens
Smalltown Supersound

I am simply in love with this album. KLO as a producer influences me massively – I love her sparse use of drums, how she layers her vocals and the dark yet beautiful textures she creates. In 5am I also utilised sparse drums – I wanted each individual word to have the space to be heard and felt. I also set out to subtly layer up obscure sounds to create a tense atmosphere, like the ones that come in at 0:38.


Blanck Mass
Sacred Bones

I discovered this song almost by accident. I went to see my friends play in Bonnacons of Doom at 24 Kitchen Street and stuck around afterwards for the main act – Blanck Mass. When he played Please, I felt like I’d just to fly or something. I thought, woah, have I just heard the best song ever?! It still gives me goose bumps listening to it today. It embodies everything I love in a music production – vocal samples, wet glitchy beats, chaotic walls of sound in places and a dark, driving bassline. So yeh, I listened to it a lot while producing 5am and the rest of the EP.
5am is out now, and Luna’s full debut EP is set for release in spring 2019.

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