Each month we ask an artist or a member of Liverpool’s music community to give us a glimpse into their world by selecting some music they’ve had on heavy rotation recently. They could range from cult classics to obscure bangers, or the latest, hot-off-the-press tunes from their own personal favourites. Liverpool Band Vans’ Doug Wood picks out a selection of songs that have been a source of inspiration to him on long journeys on the road.

“Our Band Vans go up and down the continent with bands and their gear week in, week out. The bands in the back are in charge of the stereo most of the time but once we’re empty and burning for home, the guilty pleasures come out!”

Traveling Wilburys
Dirty World
Wilbury Records

I could have chosen any track from the Traveling Wiburys’ country-bumpkin collection of essential Dad Rockers, but I’ve gone for this Bob Dylan-written love song to a car. It has an unmistakable George Harrison vibe across the production and really sounds like it could have come straight from George’s Cloud 9 album. The ending is my favourite; it features all five artists in a really lovingly crafted call-and-response outro.

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Kurt Vile
Loading Zones

Jumping from loading zone to loading zone to avoid the watchful eyes of the parking attendants is a game our drivers and crew know all too well. Sometimes you have to come up with some clever tricks to ensure a smooth load in! Kurt Vile boasts about his ‘free’ parking prowess on the streets of Philadelphia in this blisteringly cocky stomp around the neighbourhood in search of the right spot. We hear ya, Kurt.

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Father John Misty
Total Entertainment Forever
Bella Union

When we’re racing to get out of the smog and noise of London or Paris in the early hours of the post-show morning, this track from one of Josh Tillman’s darker and more divisive albums often gets thrown on. His trademark cynicism and booming orchestral crescendos are perfectly fitting for a twilight escape from the neon bedlam of the city.


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Talking Heads
This Must Be The Place

A general theme of all our songs is the yearning for home. The perks and lifestyle of the music industry don’t often stretch to the crew or drivers on a production, so the dream of home is often the most constant topic of conversation. Released one year before I was born, this song is a personal favourite and takes me home in so many ways; to particular moments in time with people and in places I love. David Byrne can make you laugh and cry in the same measure. A true modern genius.

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Keep your eye out for more stories from the road as we document more of the busy touring lives of Liverpool Band Vans’ drivers and the artists they’re touring with.

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