Carl Roberts of ‘melanchodelia’ five-piece GINTIS sheds some light on what the group were listening to while working on their long-awaited, double A-side Dennis/Oh My Little Malcontent, which was produced by Bill Ryder-Jones.


Floatation Toy Warning – The Machine That Made Us

Talitres Records

This record came out this year, and it is probably the most anticipated release of a record ever at Gintis HQ, as their first record came out 10 years ago (this is their second). In that time FTW have largely relocated from London to North Wales. We all absolutely adore this band and over the last 10 years, when I have made a new friend who likes the same music as I do and I feel that connection with, I will buy the first FTW album (Bluffers Guide To The Flight Deck) and give it to them as a present, as they invariably will have not heard of the band, and will soon find that Floaties are now their new favourite band. With the release this year, I now have twice as much to shell out on new friends, so I don’t make any. I love this band so much, they just make breathtakingly beautiful music matched with these real heartbreaking lyrics and vocals. The new record has song titles such as Driving Under The Influence Of Loneliness and Due To Adverse Weather Conditions, All Of My Heroes Have Surrendered, which is right up my street. I’ll take titles like that all day.


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The Loungs – Radiate

Fresh Hair Records

The Loungs have basically been the band equivalent of being our big brother. They are from St Helens and make absolutely perfect alternative pop. They released our last album (Idiot Guides And Plans) on their label. Anyway, this song has a special place in my heart for the chorus “When you’re not around, it’s a dull and miserable place / I’m lonely ‘cause oh boy I’m missing your face” – which is lovely. It also contains the line “I love yer bones kid,” which is a turn of phrase that I love so much I used it in “Oh my little malcontent, I love your bones.”


Pavement – Brighten The Corners


Pavement have always been one of our favourite bands, and also are a common ground with Bill Ryder-Jones. In fact, I was wearing a Pavement t-shirt the night I met him, which sparked off this journey we have had with him. This album of theirs is my favourite as those wonky guitars and off kilter vocals are perfectly executed on this one all the way through. The guitar work on Dennis takes a lot of inspiration from this record. Shady Lane is one of the best songs of all time.


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Grandaddy – The Crystal Lake

V2 Records

We actually formed back in school because of Granddaddy, and this song specifically. Dave and I saw it on MTV2 one evening and immediately realised that not being in Gintis was rubbish and not being obsessed with Granddaddy was fucking stupid. The arpeggiating keyboards in Dennis can be traced back to them being used on pretty much everything Grandaddy have ever done. Love all that, yum yum yum.


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Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – 20: Singles & EP’s ’94-’96

Castle Music

It’s so obvious that we are massively influenced by Gorky’s and Euros [Childs] that it is very difficult to pick a certain record. We are obsessed with Gorky’s but oddly enough, so is every other musician/band that we ever connect with or work with. One of those bands I guess. I like 20 because of how out-and-out bizarre it is, whilst remaining utterly joyous and tuneful.  I also feel like I know every lyric on this record, despite large parts of it being in Welsh (which I cannot speak, despite being from Wales).


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Love – Forever Changes


It’s the best record ever made. It’s the brass.

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The Lemonheads – If I Could Talk I’d Tell You


When I was a 14-year-old boy it was a Lemonheads ‘Best Of’ album that changed everything for me. It is the band that made me want to write songs, rather than just play Nirvana songs on my Squire Stratocaster over and over again. The first time I’d really heard pedal steel being used to break hearts, my introduction to alt-country was through The Lemonheads, and Evan Dando is my favourite singer/voice. I think this song was in the mix somewhere when I was writing the new songs.

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Bill Ryder-Jones – A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart


Can I even put this in? I think Bill is one of the best songwriters on the planet, and A Bad Wind… is a perfect record. I still get giddy and real strange things happening in my tummy when I hear He Took You In His Arms despite having heard it well over 7 million times. “I said eyes will always open for the things they want to see” Oh boy!

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Dennis / Oh My Little Malcontent is out on The Popty Ping Recording Company on Monday 31st October.

Gintis play the Shipping Forecast on Thursday 23rd November

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