Each month we ask an artist or a member of Liverpool’s music community to give us a glimpse into their world by selecting some music they’ve had on heavy rotation recently. They could range from cult classics to obscure bangers, or the latest, hot-off-the-press tunes from their own personal favourites. Electrik’s Adam Coffey picks out a selection of songs that represent the soul of the longstanding club, both in its current guise and as The Krazyhouse.

She’s Electric

Between being a customer, manager of The Krazyhouse and then Electrik, I’ve been around the venue for quite a few years in one way or another. It’s great to look back and remember this song being played to a packed-out dancefloor filled with 18-year-olds singing along 15 years ago (and, of course, many years before that), and now there’s a whole new bunch of students enjoying it at Shit Indie Disco. The song also influenced the old indie night in the venue a couple of decades ago, which in turn influenced its name now.

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Mr Brightside
The Killers
Lizard King

I’ve given up trying to think of cool songs for this so I’m not going to bother! Cool has its place, but a great song is a great song, no matter how much it may be over-played. A couple of customers will request an album track of some sort that won’t get much of a reaction, and then this comes on and you’d be hard pushed to find a louder reaction to anything else on a Saturday night.

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Don’t Stop Believin’

Since Medication moved to the venue, the thing I’ve been most pleased with is that it’s turned back into a night that can cater for everyone rather than just being a house music night. A couple of weeks ago this song ended the night on the party floor, and it was a really nice moment when I was able to take a little step back and see how it had all come together so far.

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Whenever this track comes on I’m always getting the door staff asking why all these kids are singing along to a ballad at 1am. I never know what to tell them. But it’s a great cover and there aren’t many places you could get away with playing a song like this at that time of night.

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