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Composer and Immix Ensemble founder DANIEL THORNE gives us some insight into the sounds and textures that influenced the making of his debut solo LP.

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Battle Trance 
Palace Of Wind
New Amsterdam Records

Battle Trance are an amazing saxophone quartet from New York, who create these incredible compositions that utilise all sorts of extended saxophone performance techniques. The way that they’re able to create music with using only saxophones that doesn’t sound like ‘saxophone music’ was a revelation to me, and led to my decision to focus only on the instruments in my possession – a few different saxes and a bass synth – rather than bringing in extra instruments and players.

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Julia Wolfe

I’ve become obsessed with Julia Wolfe’s music over the last couple of years. I love this piece, in particular the way that its narrative is driven by texture, density and intensity. It feels very gestural and visceral, and is a really exciting listen, and I wanted to create a similar kind of feeling in some of the more high-energy moments of Lines Of Sight.

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Lawrence English
Wilderness Of Mirrors

This album also deals with density, texture and intensity, albeit in a very different way, using lots of distortion and saturation. I adore the way different instruments and sounds are blurred and smeared together, obscuring their origins. That approach was a big influence on the production aesthetic of my record.

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David Lang
Memory Pieces

David Lang is a master of minimalism in the truest sense, and has an incredible ability to stretch and develop musical material in the most seamless, effortless ways. The processes that he uses in Memory Pieces directly influenced several of the pieces that would become tracks on my album, and although they occupy very different sound worlds and use different musical DNA, they can be traced back to similar procedures and manipulations.

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Hayden Chisholm
The Well-Tempered Sruti Box

Hayden Chisholm is a saxophonist from New Zealand who is based in Berlin, whose tone and sound concept I absolutely love. This particular record features solo saxophone accompanied by a simple drone from a sruti box, and has an immediacy and intimacy to it that I wanted to try to bring to the softer moments of my album, as a counterpoint to the louder, denser pieces.

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John Adams
The Dharma At Big Sur

Not a direct influence on the album per se, but it’s a ‘desert island discs’ piece for me that still has a profound impact on my music 10+ years after I first heard it. A lot of its harmonic language is derived from natural harmonics and the overtone series, giving it an otherworldly feeling that is both familiar and unfamiliar simultaneously. Although I’ve not used that kind of harmony explicitly, there are several moments on the record where I’ve tried to evoke a similar feeling.
Daniel Thorne’s debut album Lines Of Sight is released on 15th March via Erased Tapes.

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