We’re always looking to work with new people here at Bido Lito!. Our greatest asset is our immensely strong team of contributors: the talented writers, photographers, illustrators and designers who are embedded within Merseyside’s new music and creative culture. To ensure that our outlook remains relevant and on-point, we’re always looking to improve the depth of this team by welcoming on board new ideas and fresh perspectives. Scroll down to find out how to go about joining this team and pitch us ideas. We also have information about our internship programmes and Student Society.


Bido Lito! / The Heartbeat Of A City



If you’re looking to work with Bido Lito! on our monthly print magazine and online platform, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, illustrator, filmmaker or all-round creative, send over some examples of your work and a short biography to



We offer a number of office-based editorial internships on a rolling basis throughout the year. We want to work with people who are passionate about Liverpool’s music scene and creative culture and who are able to write about it clearly and with flair. Interns support the editorial team on the delivery of our monthly physical magazine and with items on our website. They’ll also help with other tasks, including in publishing, advertising and with our membership subscription service. We’re keen to encourage new voices within our organisation and we’re not necessarily looking for interns with professional experience in journalism, editorial work or marketing – enthusiasm for new music and excellent organisation and communication skills are more important.

The current weighting in our Editorial team is something we’re working to address – currently, three out of four members of staff are male, white and over 30 – we are keen to receive applications from people outside of this demographic, but the programme is open to all. If you are interested in working with us as an intern, please fill out this form.



The Bido Lito! Student Society gives Liverpool’s music and culture loving students the opportunity to play a key role in the team. Members of the Student Society shape the editorial agenda of Bido Lito!, becoming a part of the contributing team and meeting likeminded people. They also get free entry to our monthly Bido Lito! Social live gigs and our Open Day masterclasses and workshops. You can sign up to our Student Society newsletter here, to stay in the loop with what’s on in Liverpool and live opportunities. You can also join our Student Society Facebook group to keep up to date with ongoing discussions around content. If you’re interested in becoming part of the Student Society Editorial Working Group, which meets monthly and works closely with our Editorial team to deliver content for our magazine and online, please fill out this form.