Seeking Characters

In the New Year, we are launching CHARACTERS, a regular celebration of extraordinary people. We’re asking our readers to nominate the people they love, and write something for us about how great they are. We’d like stories ranging from funny and heart-warming to shocking and sad. Is there someone in your life who you think everyone should know about? It could be somebody who is worth celebrating, whether it be for their kindness, their humour, their unpredictability, their strength, an incredible tale they were part of, or any of the other ways people are great.

Merseyside is brimming with authentic and genuine who all of us could learn from, and we think you shouldn’t have to be a musician or an artist to be profiled in our magazine. We often only stop to consider the value of people’s lives and contributions in retrospect. They say keeping a gratitude diary improves your mental health. So how might it improve our health to spend a moment of gratitude every month on somebody from this incredible city? That’s why we’re asking for you to lend us your ideas, your affection and your pen. Who deserves to have an article written about them? What do you want everyone to know about them? Help us to find CHARACTERS who matter to you. Writer or not, we’re looking for your voices. Send nominations along with an outline of what you want to write about them to with ‘Character Nomination’ in the subject line.

Bido Lito Liverpool Bido Lito Liverpool