Central to our bido100! programme of activity is Pow Wow!, a discursive event taking place at Bluecoat on Friday 7th June. Pow Wow! will include the first of an annual event Bido Lito! will host to champion the spirit of innovation, punk ethics and originality. And we have the perfect guest to get the ball rolling.

Few people have had the same indelible impact on Liverpool’s music story as Roger Eagle. He founded Eric’s and changed the sound, sensibility and mindset of the city’s music community for good. As promoter at The Stadium he brought Lou Reed, Captain Beefheart and David Bowie to Liverpool. And as a mentor to the myriad of musicians and dreamers who passed through his orbit (anyone who is anyone and no-one all the same) he was an outlook-shaping force.

We never met Roger. But Bido Lito! has been moulded by his legacy and the Eric’s generation whose lives he touched and perspectives he shaped. As an ongoing tribute to the man we are launching the annual Roger Eagle Memorial Lecture. This is an opportunity for us to give a platform to an invited artist, musician or instigator – someone whose take and perspective on the world today is in tune with Roger’s spirit – to deliver a lecture on a subject they see as pertinent and pressing today. Their only starting reference will be a copy of ‘Brutality, Religion And A Dance Beat’ a six-page pamphlet written by BILL DRUMMMOND at the time of Roger’s passing in 1999.

It is fitting, therefore, that Bill Drummond himself will give the inaugural lecture. As a member of infamous Eric’s group Big In Japan (along with Jayne Casey, Holly Johnson, Ian Broudie, David Balfe, Clive Langer et al) Bill was managed and mentored by Roger. This experience shaped the artist he would become; The KLF, The Manual, burning a million quid and everything in between.

The lecture will be followed by Pow Wow! Discussion a panel event featuring experts in the areas of art, culture and journalism. Guests ALISON MCGOVERN, SOPHIE ZELDIN-O’NEIL, DR ARIEL EDESESS will join Bido Lito! to debate and dissect the challenges we face in our shared creative future.

A limited number of tickets for the Roger Eagle Memorial lecture at Pow Wow! are available via Ticket Quarter for £7.

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