Design: Sam Wiehl /

On LightNight (17th May), RITUAL 2.0 marks the launch of bido100! and invites participants to consider a creative future based on Artificial Intelligence. Are we at the vanguard of a new chapter of ritualistic expression, a cross pollination between human and AI creativity? Is this Ritual 2.0? A large-scale, public realm light and sound installation developed by artist SAM WIEHL with an accompanying soundtrack mix by FOREST SWORDS, set within the subterranean tunnels of Moorfields Station, will explore these pertinent creative questions.

RITUAL 2.0 Image 2

The installation is one of LightNight 2019’s commissions and will take the form of a walk-through, immersive experience, encouraging the public to question AI’s ideal boundaries and parameters as we plough head-on into a new technical age.

Ritual 2.0 takes place at Moorfields Station, Old Hall Street, 5pm-10.30pm on Friday 17th May. Admission is FREE.

In partnership with Merseyrail.

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