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In May 2019, Bido Lito! will publish the 100th edition of our magazine. To mark the occasion we’ll be asking the question: What will Liverpool’s new music and creative culture look like in 2028, in another 100 editions’ time? As a community what do we foresee; a dystopian, culture-less nightmare or a utopian,Technicolor dream? What will be the key issues and challenges, opportunities and changes be in 2028?

Through a series of projects, bido100! will explore our fast-paced and unpredictable, tech-laced future and look to learn what we can do differently today to help shape a better creative tomorrow.

Here’s what is on the agenda…

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Ritual 2.0

Venue: Moorfields
Date: 17th May
Times: 5pm-10.30pm

A large-scale, public realm light and sound installation developed by artist SAM WIEHL with an accompanying soundtrack mix by FOREST SWORDS, set within the subterranean tunnels of Moorfields Station, as part of this years LightNight.

More info here.


Pow Wow!

Venue: The Bluecoat
Date: 7th June
Times: 7pm-11pm

A unique discursive event where we will debate what the key issues, challenges, opportunities and changes we will be contending with in 2028. The inaugural Roger Eagle Memorial Lecture conducted by BILL DRUMMOND and the Pow Wow! Discussion, featuring representatives from the worlds of art, politics and journalism.

More info here.


Inside Pages

Venue: Constellations
Date: 22nd June
Times: 7pm-11pm

An all-day festival which brings the pages of Bido Lito! to life and closes bido100! with a vibrant mix of artists of both local and international significance. Our recent cover artists XAMVOLO, YANK SCALLY and EYESORE & THE JINX will all perform live.

More info here.


AI Audio Lab

An installation which puts audience members in the future world of automated creativity. We invite you to step into a virtual recording studio and, using a series of simple commands, control the creation of an Artificial Intelligence-composed piece of music, in a genre of your choice.

More info here.



To mark the occasion of bido100! we will be undertaking three projects which commission new work, in response to the central idea of ‘Liverpool, 2028?’. These are intended to act as a legacy to bido100!, enduring creative responses to the questions examined within the bido100! programme through the prisms of music, film and visual art.



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