Our 100th issue is out now – we’ve reached our century against the prevailing winds of digitisation and greater accessibility that has seen many print publications cease operations over the nine years Bido Lito! has been running. Our theme for this milestone issue is of looking to the future: peering past the dystopian visions and trying to imagine a more hopeful, progressive future around music, art, activism, journalism, politics and collectivism.

It has taken nine years for Bido Lito! to produce 100 issues. A lot has happened in this time – and an awful lot can and will happen over the next nine years. Rather than cloaking ourselves in a fug of nostalgia and looking backwards, we wanted to ask questions that will force us to confront the challenges that face us, as a community, right now. In the hope that together we can forge a brighter future for our city and our city’s great practitioners.

Across the features in our 100th issue you will find some answers and some green shoots of hope. We speak with internationally renowned artists THE SINGH TWINS about the future of identity within art; Elliot Ryder casts his eyes over some initiatives that point to a more local form of activism, as we move away from the globalist trappings of modern democracy; and we consider our own carbon footprint by speaking with the Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory at LJMU.

Famed disruptor and artist BILL DRUMMOND makes our own Craig G Pennington the subject of one of his Forty Minute Interviews, which serves as a pre-cursor to him delivering the inaugural Roger Eagle Memorial Lecture on 7th June. We also host a roundtable discussion with four of the six artists whose work will be exhibited at the Liverpool, 2028 exhibition at dot-art, digging into the reasons behind their interpretation of a brief asking them to imagine what Liverpool’s creative community will look like in 2028.

As part of our wider bido100! programme delving into this themes, we host AI Audio Lab, an interactive installation at SEVENSTORE that invited the public and the city’s artists to test the latest artificial intelligence music making software. This installation will be led by Dr Robert Strachan, an academic at the University of Liverpool, and in our 100th issue we speak with him about this new trend of ‘augmented creativity‘. And Christopher Torpey speaks with groundbreaking artist HOLLY HERNDON about her new album PROTO, in which she trained and utilised an AI programme as part of her ensemble’s creative process.

Elsewhere, Liverpool culture zine The Double Negative provide us with an excerpt from Present Tense, their new collection of essays considering the still unfolding impact of Liverpool’s 2008 capital of culture year. And we speak with Lucia Blake about her experiences around raising awareness and visibility around gender and identity roles.

You can find all of this content in our 100th issue, which you can pick up in one of over 200 stockists across Merseyside. All of the articles can also be found at bidolito.co.uk/bido100, along with details of the events in our bido100! programme. We’d also love to hear what you think about the themes raised in this issue: this isn’t a one-way conversation, we want to hear what you think. Are you hopeful for the future? Do you fear where artificial intelligence is creeping into creative spaces which should be reserved for humans? Should we even care? Get in touch with us to let us know your thoughts – like these people did as part of our Ritual 2.0 installation at Moorfields for LightNight…


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