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Following the launch of this magazine back in the heady days of 2010, we teamed up with a collective of our new-found friends and musical allies to present INSIDE PAGES Festival. The concept for the festival was simple: create a full-blown celebration of the artists and music community our magazine was established to champion.

To mark our 100th issue we will be hosting an event in the same spirit and under the same name. This time at Constellations on 22nd June, Inside Pages will be a festival which brings the pages of Bido Lito! to life and closes bido100! with a volatile mix of artists of both local and international significance.

Our recent cover artists XAMVOLO, YANK SCALLY and EYESORE & THE JINX will all perform live, alongside many more familiar and unfamiliar names. MC NELSON will also present the first ever performance of a new piece of work he has been developing as part of his residency with Metal in Rotterdam.


Inside Pages take place at Constellations on Saturday 22nd June. Tickets are available here.

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