Design: Sam Wiehl /

Following on from Ritual 2.0, AI AUDIO LAB will be installation which places the Liverpool public within this world of automated creativity. We live in an age of unparalleled technological advancement, where robots are being taught to drive our cars, teach our children and administer our healthcare.

And it seems that artistic creativity is no longer a uniquely human condition either. We invite you to step into a virtual recording studio and shape the creation of an Artificial Intelligence-composed piece of music, in a genre of your choice. The process will be facilitated by a team of ‘technicians’ who will assist in the creation of brand new compositions which will be publicly broadcast across Bido Lito!’s digital media channels.

The project is intended to encourage participants to critically engage with the idea of a music future based on AI rather than human creativity, questioning the boundaries and parameters.


More details of AI Audio Lab will be announced soon. In partnership with SEVENSTORE.

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