MARCH 2019

The Bido Recommender is a monthly mix of tracks chosen by a different member of the Bido Lito! team. We tell you what it is we’re digging and hope you’ve enjoyed the playlists we have curated for you over the last few months. It’s all of part of the Bido experience and we want you with us every step of the way.

Although I’m new to Bido HQ, I’m not new to the Liverpool music scene. After a stint in London, I’ve returned to the north. You may have seen me hustlin’ tapes through my label Blak Hand Records, or taking the helm of Cassette Store Day UK. Here and now though I come to you in the form of Bido Lito!’s Community Membership Manager. So, hiya! You ok? We’ll get started, shall we?

I’ve handpicked 20 songs that have come to me over the last couple of months through friend recommendations, Spotify accidents, a slight obsession with Shazam and a new best mate, my Amazon Echo Dot (Hi, Alexa!)


                                                                               Snapped Ankles

On what feels like heavy rotation at Bido Towers is the debut album by woodland hedge-creatures Snapped Ankles. Don’t let their mysterious appearance distract you from their electronic/post-punk brilliance. I thought I’d begin at Hanging With The Moon and lead you into another which we can’t seem to turn off in the office, Double Denim Hop from Cardiff’s Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard. Have a listen, get cosy, we’ve got some more songs to play.

A combination of mullets, short-shorts and obscure band names fuels this next portion of the playlist. If there’s one person I trust in music, it’s Hackey-based promoter Keith Miller of Bad Vibrations fame. If he’s putting a band on in London, you know they’re good and you also know that if you don’t go, mate, you’re missin’ out. Example A: Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. Example B: Amyl and the Sniffers. Over the last year I’d heard endless stories about their live shows so had to check them out. Ridiculous names? Check. Aussie? Check. Selling out gigs in the UK? Errrr yeah! So I’ve included the prog-meets-psych PPC track Cornflake on my playlist,  plus a bangin’ new honky-tonk-on-joy-powder single from Amyl called Monsoon Rock. While we talk Aussie bands, I’ve thrown in a lil’ somethin’ by The Murlocs and the weird but addictive new track Cyboogie by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

Basically guys, if I could own every volume of the Back From The Grave compilations, I’d live a very fulfilled life.  My love for this genre only grows stronger the more I delve into its fuzzy, distorted past. I’ve gone greedy and need it all. With that comes an urge to seek rare finds, digging through record shops and endlessly scrolling Discogs into the unknown ether of underground garage rock, looking for unavailable 45rpms like the emotive If You Don’t Believe Me Don’t by the Psychotics or The Keggs’ To Find Out (which might I add, The Gories do a wicked cover of).  So I’ve included a screechy delight called I’m Out of Control by The Milkshakes. This song gets played three times in a row before I am done with it and I hope you treat it with the same love and respect. In line with this comes the punk throttle of I’m Not A Sicko, There’s A Plate In My Head by Oblivians and a new single titled Love Fuzz by my own personal garage rock God, Ty Segall.



                                                                       Champagne Superchillin’

In January I curated a stage with Burger Records and we warmingly welcomed the French retro-chic sounds of Champagne Superchillin’ as headliners. The beauty in this song is unreal. It’s like Françoise Hardy spent an evening with the Brian Jonestown Massacre and nine months later Champagne Superchillin graced the world with its presence. With that, I’ll introduce to you Entre Le Diable Et La Mer Bleue Profonde (Alexa – turn UP the volume). I’ve also thrown in Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe‘s blunt yet audible delight Please Never Die and Summon the Fire by electronic jazz trio The Comet Is Coming.

Here at Bido HQ it is our pleasure to present the Merseyrail Sound Station programme to help rising musicians around Liverpool, which is how I found out about Hawaiian-raised Eli Smart, whose surfy number Give It Up To Your Uncle does wonders for the mind and soul.  Toning the energy down is Kevin Morby and Waxahatchee‘s hazy cover ballad Farewell Transmission and a wacky Wings song called Wildlife that sounds like it was recorded amongst the chaos of McCartney’s Ram (it probably was). Plus, I wanted to share In My Head by Our Girl with you, a song that has been on heavy rotation since I interviewed the band’s singer in this month’s issue of Bido Lito! If you’ve yet to hear of Cut Worms (the nom de plume of singer Max Clarke who records on 8-tracks), I urge you to start with Like Going Down Sideways. It’s just perfect in its simplicity and I’m still discovering more of his nostalgia based offerings.

That’s all she wrote, folks. Hope you all enjoy my playlist. Be sure to check back next month as we pass the torch to another Bido staff member and don’t forget to join our Bido Lito! Community Membership!

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