Bido Lito! has always been about supporting and championing Liverpool’s new music and creative culture. Through our team of community writers, photographers, illustrators and creative minds we’ve charted our city’s vibrant, do-it-together creative ethos since 2010. This community spirit is central to what Bido Lito! has become, and it’s something we’re committed to expanding upon.

A new global movement towards community journalism has emerged in recent years, and we see Bido Lito! playing a key role the movement’s continuing development. As traditional media organisations face existential threats to their business models and their moral authority, community journalism harnesses the energy and passion of local people, creating a powerful, independent media voice free from advertorials and click-bait.

With this in mind, we are making some changes to our Bido Lito! Community Membership.

Bido Lito! Community Members will still receive the latest edition of the magazine in the post before anyone else, along with exclusive download and playlist content from Liverpool’s most exciting new artists. And, members are still invited to come along to our monthly Bido Lito! Social for free.

But – and most importantly – Bido Lito! Community Members will be at the heart of shaping the content of the magazine itself; whether it be recommending features, providing insight into live events, curating playlists or suggesting artists for our Bido Lito! Socials, our members will be at the centre of everything we do.


We still believe strongly in the editorial integrity of the magazine, so Bido Lito! Editors will have the final say on commissions; but the voice of Bido Lito! going forward will be shaped by our community members.

If you are passionate about supporting and championing Liverpool’s new music and creative culture, join the community media revolution. Become a Bido Lito! Community Member today.

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