Photography: Kristian Patten

If you haven’t heard BEACH SKULLS’ new album Las Dunas yet, you’re in for a treat. It’s one of the best things you’ll hear all year, fizzing full of killer riffs and sunshine punk. The trio have managed to channel their slacker surf groove into a tighter, more energetic LP than their previous effort (2016’s Slow Grind), both of which were released on Stockholm label PNKSLM. Sacred Citrus is the perfect distillation of this, veering from pained howls to tub-thumping hollers. It’s also insanely catchy, because that’s what Beach Skulls are good at.

Before heading off to Barcelona for a bit of RnR, the group prepared this video with their regular collaborator and visualiser, Alec Wallace. Finding the trio in mischievous form, the video sees them goofing around with various citrus fruit procured from market stalls and shops, before guitarist/vocalist Ry Vieira jumps in a Vitamin C rich bath. With tongue firmly planted in cheek and with the perfect balance of wit and slacker charm, it’s Beach Skulls at their dastardly best.

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“You can tell when you’re listening if someone’s enjoying playing the song or not. I’d hate for us to come across as bored when people listen to us” Ry Vieira, Beach Skulls

If you liked that, you’ll love Las Dunas. As well as digital and standard vinyl versions, PNKSLM have put together an exclusive package for super fans who are after the full Beach Skulls hit. Only 50 packages containing a white/orange marbled LP, T-shirt and badges are available now. You know you want one.

Get the album now via Bandcamp.

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