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ADD TO PLAYLIST is the new monthly column brought to you by MELODIC DISTRACTION RADIO, delving into the fold of the newest releases on the dance music spectrum. If you’re into 808s, sample pads, DJ tools and everything in between, then you’re in good company.

Carla dal Forno
Took A Long Time

Sparse, depresso post-punk mistress CARLA DAL FORNO is in business on her very own label, Kallista. Either a stoney-faced breakup album or a love letter to London – we just can’t decide – the Australian is now hitting a sense of profound confidence in her angsty songcraft. Carla’s gentle-yet-swallowed vocals and dubby percussion tempers against some knife-twisting lyrics make this an elusive, ambiguous and wholly intimate release.

Listen to Took A Long Time on Spotify, YouTube or SoundCloud.

DJ Firmeza

Lisbon’s DJ FIRMEZA is back in snakestyle with a raw blend of bouncing kuduro, crazed batida, grimey police sirens, mutant drum loops and drifting ‘animação’ stream-of-consciousness MCing. This latest EP follows Príncipe’s infallible run of standout releases and cements Lisbon’s output as the most distinctive musical scene today. No doubt about it, this one is for the club, but could nestle between afro-beat and gqom as happily as it could techno and breaks, as it could bashment and dancehall. Hips definitely in motion.

Listen to Intenso on Spotify, SoundCloud or Bandcamp.

Hard To Say / Tournesol

In a curveball that no one saw coming, 2019 was the year that really fast music became cool again. With a whole range of very severe fringes and Berlin-goth aesthetics, think of Gabber Eleganza and Gabber Modus Operandi flag-waving for the neo-gabber revival, or VTSS and SPFDJ et al encouraging hyper-speed techno. After the standout emotive-breakbeat Portrait With Firewood last year, DJRUM joins Team Go Faster offering up “ambient-gabber” (yes, really) with a palette of sounds drawn from Shangaan electro and IDM.

Listen to Hard To Say / Tournesol on Spotify, SoundCloud or Bandcamp.

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