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ADD TO PLAYLIST is the monthly column brought to you by MELODIC DISTRACTION RADIO, delving into the fold of the newest releases on the dance music spectrum. If you’re into 808s, sample pads, DJ tools and everything in between, then you’re in good company.

Ahmed Ben Ali
Habibi Funk Records

Reggae straight out of Libya. If the grey winter weather has got you a little down in the dumps, this slice of sunshine is everything you need to put a spring in your step. Originally released straight to YouTube, AHMED BEN ALI’s addictive hooks got picked up by the pre-eminent Habibi Funk Records. With the express mission of giving Arab funk and jazz the attention it deserves, flicking through Habibi Funk’s SoundCloud and back catalogue is an afternoon very well spent.

Third Place Dance Discs

If you’ve caught any of Liverpool’s live beats scene in the last couple of years, from Wide Open at the Bakery to the jazz-madness of the Reeds (RIP), RANGA will already be a familiar face. Often accompanied by homemade instruments or a roster of local vocalists, Ranga’s distinctive sound of afro-inspired house beats have a rough-hewn jam-session feel. From the whip-smart march of Kong, to the warped smoked-out Banga 2, the whole EP is an assured statement from the local gem.

Central Processing Unit

Synths, vocal processing and sentimental computer music collide in TRYPHÈME’s second release for the Sheffield-based CPU. A talent for nimble, clever production and a voracious appetite for experimentation run through the entirety of Aluminia. Even when drawing on a disparate palette – sounds are pulled in from IDM, 90s electronica, digi-dub, beatless trance and Eskibeat – the release maintains its composure, never feeling overwrought or overworked. Emotional devastation for the twilight hours.

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