As is traditional, Liverpool Cathedral will be hosting a truly spectacular event this LightNight. Ad Hoc Creative in association with Bido Lito! present No Worst, There Is None on 13th May for what looks like a special evening.

For the event, Daniel Thorne of IMMIX Ensemble has taken a Bill Ryder-Jones composition in response to the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem of the same name to arrange a beautiful piece of music. With the help of the Liverpool Cathedral Youth Choir, a brass band and a host of talented musicians, Thorne’s reimagined piece will be accompanied by an immersive AV, light and multimedia environment created by visual artists Sam and Damien Wiehl.


The original piece was composed by Ryder-Jones last year for the inaugural Ad Hoc Creative Expo at Calderstones Mansion and provided a special backdrop to an event which saw participants from The Reader performing the Hopkins poem.

For LightNight, the spectacle will be once again accompanied by readers from the initiative in what is bound to be an extraordinary event.

Bill Ryder-Jones, a champion of the collaborative project between Bido Lito! and Ad Hoc Property Management said: “Writing the ‘No Worst, There Is None’ commission was one of the most enjoyable jobs I’ve had.”

“Once again Liverpool proves itself to be a home for esoteric and conceptual happenings and as we all know, a place where people want more from the arts than the posturing and showboating that is offered in the main. It is a real pleasure to be thought of as someone who writes music worth hearing and I can’t wait to hear what Daniel Thorne does with the scraps of melody I’ve given.”

The LightNight event will also give interested parties the chance to find out more about Ad Hoc, a company which takes care of disused buildings – from chapels to office buildings – by allowing guardians to live in them for reduced rent.

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